Packages & Options

Here at Lake Gaston Vacations we can help with anything for your stay! Below is a list of packages we provide at most of our houses.  Just simply add them to your cart when booking your reservation! We will make sure it is all at your house when you arrive. 

Wine Package:
Nothing gets you more relaxed on vacation than a good glass of wine while you settle in and take in the sunset. This package offers 4 bottles of wine from Lake Gaston's very own Rosemont Vineyard. 

Bonfire Package:
A night under the stars around a fire is the perfect way to end your evening. This package includes 1 bundle of firewood, 1 fire-starter, 1 torch lighter, 4 metal skewers, 1 pkg. of jumbo marshmallows, 1 box of graham crackers, and 6 milk chocolate bars. 

Birthday Package:
Happy Birthday to YOU! We are so glad you decided to celebrate here at Lake Gaston. This package includes a birthday cake from our local J.B. Jones Bakery, a package of birthday candles, balloons, a "Happy Birthday" banner, and  birthday plates, cups & napkins. Serves 15 people. 

Date Night Packages: 
A perfect date night at the lake! Gift basket that includes a bottle of champagne, two champagne flutes, one dozen roses in a vase, a scented candle, a box of chocolates, and a $50 gift card to Watersview Restaurant.  

Romance Package: 
Set the scene for your romantic get-away with 1 dozen Roses in a vase, 1 bottle of champagne, and 2 champagne flutes.

Trash Services: 
At the end of your vacation when you are getting ready to go home, the last thing you want to do is make a trip to the dump to haul off  trash from your stay. With this service we take care of that for you! All you have to do is place your trash bags in the provided receptacles located at the property.